new logo

We have spent several months working on finding a new name which represents our mission the most.

We wanted to take this opportunity to go into more detail about why we changed our name, how we got to the final result and where we are going from here!

But without further ado, we are very happy to announce that Mobillity has become…




You now can find us on our new website on Twitter (@MespoUK) and of course on Facebook. Give us a shout when you have a moment!


Why did we change our name in the first place?

We started our journey by fully focusing on bills (hence the name moBILLity). Fixing the mess of household bills based on our terrible personal experiences. We are happy to say that, so far, we have managed to save our customers on average  £300 per year on energy bills alone.

However, after having talked to so many of our customers, it became obvious that energy bills are only the tip of the iceberg.

The utility providers and the financial providers of this world are ripping you off – they charge you extra for everything, have complicated billing models and bet on the fact that you either don’t have the time to look into how to get a better deal or don’t know how because it’s so terribly complicated.

What am I talking about?

  • Outrageously high overdraft charges by banks (in some cases they charge more than payday lending loan sharks!)
  • Telecom providers hiding unnecessary subscriptions to add-on services in their monthly charges
  • Energy providers switching you onto their most expensive tariffs after your tariff ends
  • Companies charging you twice for their services without you realising it and so much more…

That’s why we decided not only to help you out on bills, but go beyond bills and make sure that we can fight your corner across all types of rip-offs, without any limitation.


Now, what does Mespo stand for?

After getting hundreds of name ideas from our customers, we shortlisted a few that caught our attention. We wanted to keep a name that had a M in it, considering people identified us with the M logo. Furthermore, we wanted a name that could stand the test of time. As mentioned, Mobillity couldn’t do that because we realised that this name covered only the tip of the money-saving iceberg.

Mespo stood out to us as a name that will be with us for many years to come. It’s adaptable, it’s different, we loved how it sounded and our customers voted for it as well.

So we decided that from today onwards our new name is Mespo.




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